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April 04, 2007


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Victor Cook

Intel has been working on combination analog-digital chips for years. Do you think its a good idea focus on lots of new markets? For example, Intel's extensive enthnographic research (undertaken as part of its emphasis on marketing) led to the development of the Classmate PC (http://www.classmatepc.com/) for students in emerging markets. Its currently in pilot testing in Brazil.


I know how the Duo Core burried the competition. My new Gateway PC runs the Core 2. The praise I found on the web for this chip while I was looking into the purchase was absurdly good. Also they started using these Intel chips on HP machines again. As far as the Falcon and the Inchworm are concerned are you saying that Intel hopes to get into the analog chip market? And is that a good or bad idea? Personally I think it is marvelous that these analog chips extend battery life.

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