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May 11, 2008


Richard Lewis

Victor, Kuhn discusses normal science in Chapters II and III. In Chapter VI he discusses what he terms "anomalies" in science, which he describes as "new sorts of facts" not explainable by current theory. Chapter VII goes on to explain how theory emerges from observation of this anomalous behavior. Not a bad description of what's been done in this most recent set of posts, I'd say...



This is a pretty clear cut case of being able "...to see how well the evidence and the theory coincide." I'm sure Jeff Bezos knows, but I doubt he will give us the answer. Thanks for the reference. I plan to check it out right away.


Richard Lewis

Good theory indeed enables imagination and promotes thinking about what could be. Once theory is developed it's time for what Thomas Kuhn in The Structure of Scientific Revolutions called "normal science" to go to work to see how well the evidence and the theory coincide.

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