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August 02, 2008


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Fedx does not hedge fuel.

fedx has some kind of phobia as to establishing itself as a true multinational firm. It is indeed a multinational, but the company has clearly concentrated most of its resources on the U.S. domestic market. Furthermore, Fedx is trying to avoid unions, I don’t blame them, however, in this case, Fedx has no other option, if they buy TNT, they get stuck with a unionized workforce.

UPS can write the check and Fedx is reluctant to do so, however, what price is to be paid for complete control? Will Bakker and his team seek secure positions in the future company plans, (since they are the more experienced in international business than UPS and Fedx) or can they be easily bought out? Bakker has stated many times that TNT is not for sale and can grow on its own. I hope he has not been deceiving the shareholders all along.

I do not see UPS with co-CEOs, one for domestic U.S., Davis, and one for international, Bakker. So where does Bakker and his team fit in?

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